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Organic Apartment SEO


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Working With Us

Working with us will benefit you a lot especially in Apartment Marketing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to to make your property website one of these top results.

Our Philosophy

Our main Philosophy here is help saving the property thousands per month in apartment advertising fees at a lower cost.

MultiFamily Traffic apartment marketing tips for the new owner

Regardless as to whether one is new or not in the apartment business, it is always good to have some learning and tools on hand to implement one’s marketing plans.

MultiFamily Traffic has the most and unparalleled experience in developing great rankings for apartment communities. We perfected our strategies on our own portfolios for years before we formed MultiFamily Traffic.

For one, we are here to help you as property owner find renters for your property.

Now, here are some tips:


1. First check out if your website is being found by renters. If not, then contact MultiFamily Traffic. You need to implement a number of tasks as our new partner. 

2. We will conduct an Organic Apartment SEO for you so you don’t depend so much on expensive Internet Listing Services. 

3. Then we introduce you to the Pay Per Click system if your urgency is high or if you are based in a highly competitive market. If you are based in California, then that area is a competitive market.

4. Finally we implement a Hybrid-Organic SEO+PPC for a dual advantage to be managed by our professional team. Know the top 10 keywords in your community. Your property needs to be on page one or page 2 for your top keywords so that potential qualified renters can easily ring you up and inquire on your property. 

5. If you can’t conduct an analysis and audit to determine if your property’s site is ranked or not, get in touch with MultiFamily Traffic and we take a look at your website to see what improvements can be made for greater online visibility and link profile.

6. We make the best plan for you to improve your SEO results, and introduce the top keywords renters are looking for in your apartment’s city. As organic traffic renters find you in Google without seeing a paid ad, this produces a higher return on investment than paid search traffic. 

7. Then we implement your campaign and assist you by phone in negotiating with apartment clients. If your apartment units need to be leased today, we can create a campaign to move qualified renters to your website instantly.

8. We make a report for you about the improvements we made to your website for greater visibility in the major search engines. Based on our findings you can make adjustment on your personal plan and activities.

Remember, with MultiFamily Traffic apartment marketing, quality link building and search engine optimization can get you 100% occupancy very easily. You can read our blog at